April 1, 2009

Product Review: Moby Wrap

I love love love love love love my Moby Wrap. Granted, I do love all of my baby carriers, which is why they are still in the house. But I am quite fond of this one, and although it is probably not my first choice for taking all three kids shopping, I have used it for that and will do so in the future. Why is it not my first choice? Well, honestly, it is not the time factor. It is that I have yet to master putting it on in a way that does not drag the ends through abundant puddles. :p

You really have to see it to understand, and it is possible that you have seen one already, if you obsessively pay attention to baby products like I do. Otherwise, you may have missed it. A moby wrap is essentially a long peice of comfortable fabric that you wrap around yourself and then tuck baby in, safely and secure next to mommy, or daddy. Here is the summary of pro's and con's:

  • "steep learning curve" meaning, it takes a bit of practice to get it on easily, although once you have it down, I would argue that it does not take much more, if any, time than another carrier
  • drag factor, when putting on outside, you do have to watch for puddles
  • it does eventually stretch, but pops back into place when you run it through the washer and dryer
  • not likely to be simply handed off to another care-giver to use (maybe this is a pro?)
  • cost-if you buy it new, it is around $40 (this might also be a pro becuase for the amount of support it gives, this is a reasonable price, to be honest, plus it is easy to find on Craigslist.)
  • it claims to be useable for children up to 40 lb's, I have not tried it with my older children yet, so I can not verify this (making this possibly a pro, but I do not know)

  • lots of beautiful color options
  • many options! can use baby facing mommy on front, baby facing out on front, baby on back, both newborn twins in front, nursing, cradle-similar to sling, kangroo time, etc.
  • easy to nurse discretely while wearing, and helps support baby-mommy feats of greatness-I nursed while hiking wearing this, and while it was a little harder on my back than sitting on my couch to nurse, it was totally doable!! And I did not have to slow anyone down to wait while I feed Lucy
  • I used this one in church to get Lucy to sleep, not only is she held close to my body, unlike other carriers where I have to place a blanket over my parrot-baby's head, I was able to tuck her head into the carrier making it difficult for her to move, bring the other side around to block her eyes (making sure it was still open enough for air movement!!) and she was off to sleep in minutes-priceless!
  • it is amazingly easy to wash-it does not distort any of the material going through the washer or dryer, it only puts it back into its original condition
  • becuase you are in charge of arranging the material, it can cover as much of your shoulders and back as you want, meaning it can be more similar to a traditional carrier, either way, it provides a lot of support to a tired mommy back, giving another reason to be one of my favorite carriers
  • very compact to transport, comes with a little sack that fits easily into most diaper bags

As with most baby things, it is important to evaluate what you are likely to use things for, what your specific needs are. Unfortunately, this is not information most people can for you, nor is it honestly something most moms know right away. I am on my third and still figuring these things out. :) But I have a lot of fun trying different options.

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the Gardners said...

a trick i learned when putting it on outside is to leave the ends or the wrap in the car and you kind of turn your body instead of the wrap to put it on. It is a little harder than just letting it drop to the ground, but it keeps it dry! Also, another trick is to just put it on before you leave the house and then you are ready to pop the baby in it when you get to your destination.