April 3, 2009

Dinner for a Rough Day

As I waded through the grumpy post nap kiddos, I realized that not only was the meat for dinner still partially frozen, the back-up plan for that meat required the beans to have been cooking all day. Okay, no big deal. I will just call Gabe and asked him to pick up canned beans on the way home. Well, I called and left a message. When he thoughtfully called back, I could not hear anything he said as all of the children were screaming. Finally, some words broke through "do you want me to just pick up some dinner?" What kind of a question is that?

Dear husband had signed up for Ruby Tuesday's e-mail list. They periodically send out bogo coupons. So, the kids finished the leftovers and went to bed. And Gabe ran two minutes around the corner and got dinner. And it was good. And quiet. And good. And, well, quiet. Plus, it did not leave me with additional clean up, giving me a few more minutes to try and catch up on other details, or just rest.

I really try to avoid asking Gabe to pick-up dinner on the way home, or even grab something once the kids are in bed (a great in-house date idea, though, if babysitters are difficult to come by.) However, he is very generous in offering them when I have had a rough day. In fact, since little person #2 showed up, these days are more frequent and I have tried to prepare for them. In addition to having meals in the freezer or Trader Joe specials, getting these coupons in the mail or e-mail is one way to make rough day meals more feasible. I also try to keep things on hand for grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Well, I am off to squeeze in a relaxing bath as Lucy is actually asleep when she is supposed to be this evening. Any suggestions for a baby that sits up the second she is remotely awake? Or feels she does not need to be asleep?

Oh, I actually meant to plug Ruby's a little more, we have been very impressed with their TueGo service. Some places pull this off poorly, but Ruby's goes on the list of places that pull it off quite well.

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