April 9, 2009

Product Review: Baby Bjorn Carrier

I have to say, I did not start out to own a Baby Bjorn. 5 weeks after Emily was born, my husband encouraged me to use some of the generous baby gift money to buy a plane ticket and take my first little baby to Michigan to meet her grandpa, and other great grandparents, and uncles. However, to get a first time mom and a very tiny, hm, my babies have never been tiny-small. To get a first time mom, a small baby and all of the baby equipment a first time mom faithfully carts everywhere through security and on and off two planes and then into a car on the other side. Plan of action: take a bit of gift money to Babies-R-Us and get a baby carrier, just simple, efficient one. Nothing fancy. I was all set to go for the lower end.

Unfortunately, this is one of the things I like about stores like Babies-R-Us and Segals-they have several options available to try out before purchasing one. A sales lady came up and had us try on several with Emily. Blast! I really liked the Baby Bjorn Carrier. It was significantly more comfortable than the others. So the sales lady tells us how wonderful it is and why. This was 4 years ago, so I do not remember what she said, but I liked the carrier. Then, she tells us that they do not have them in stock and we would have to go to Target to get one. Seriously? She tells us how wonderful this carrier is, which maybe she is just selling a product, but she is sending me somewhere else to buy it? Hm.

Okay, so I ended up at Target buying the basic Baby Bjorn carrier, four years ago before I knew about the wonders of Craigslist. But, it worked wonderfully for the airport. Emily did a great job and we managed the 5+ hours of flight time quite well. Okay, summary time: :)

  • $$ ($80+) less than an ergo and many other carriers, but for the style of carrier, it is spendier, especially if you go for one of the other variations-however, it is often available on craigslist
  • not compact to carry, not like it takes up a ton of room, but you cannot mash it or fold it and tuck it in a diaper bag, like a moby wrap or a pocket sling
  • very comfortable for a small baby, works for about a year, but it does get a little less comfortable as the baby gets bigger, I still use it for Lucy for shopping (she's 9 months, maybe about 17-20 lbs?) it works great for shopping, but I would not choose if for hiking if I had other options
  • very easy to learn how to use, quick to put on and take off
  • easy to put a sleeping baby onto a bed
  • comes in lots of pretty colors, some cost more
  • easy and sufficiently manly for daddy to use (or easy for a babysitter or other caregiver)

I like using this one. While I prefer the Moby Wrap for most use, I did use this one a lot while I was learning how to use the Moby and while Lucy was getting used to a carrier. She was a little particular about when they should be used. I used to laugh at our first Bradley class teacher when she referred to her Baby Bjorn as her "back-up carrier", but now I understand. I am glad I have it, but if I had to choose just one carrier, this would not be it. That being sad, I would be very sad to part with it.

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