April 7, 2009

Costco Without Blowing the Budget

I do not know how many other people have this problem, but it is very hard for me to get in and out of Costco without spending at least $50. If I am doing really well, the kids are doing well, no one is hungry and I have a list, I can. But even so, I often pick up one or two extra items.

The other day, we took the stroller into Costco, bypassing the huge carts and made our rounds. We did get a few more grandmotherly comments this way, but I made it by all of the easy meal frozen foods that looked a bit tempting to my hungry tummy without grabbing one. The foods I needed fit perfectly in the basket of the stroller and the rest that I did not need, I left on the shelf because I did not have room. Another plus, my stroller is a lot easier to maneuver around Costco than the big cart and it does not have to be returned to the cart corral when I am done with it. :)

Okay, really I just love my stroller and this is another great way for me to use it, but even so, it is an idea worth repeating, I think.

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Mrs. Querido said...

That's a great idea! Well, if my daughter fit in a stroller anymore it would be...lol! They grow soooo fast.

By the way, I love your About Me Statement. "Technically a homemaker but really I am a wife and mommy. The rest are just details..often neglected details." Oh yeah...my sentiments exactly!

Thanks for visiting my blog...glad you are enjoying it!