March 11, 2009

Product Review: Bumkin Bib

Again, a wonderful gift from Grandma! When Joe turned 1, Grandma got him two of these bibs. And he lived in them. I just visited the Bumkins website. It was a very dangerous thing to do-they have art smocks! and so many useful and good quality products. We have had these bibs for a little over a year and a half, and so far so good. No tears, stains or other problems. It is really easy to wash, you can hand wash it at the sink with dish soap, or just throw it in the wash with other laundry and hang dry. (Guess which one I do.)

We have the "Junior Bib", which has short sleeves, meaning it keeps the shoulders clean. You know, for that child who is in the middle of eating steamed carrot or spaghetti and has an orange face and chin, and turns his head to see why big sister is running through the room. Never happens at my house. :) They come in a variety of adorable patterns and styles. If you do not want a bib that is quite so tenty (however, if your baby is truly eating, I think you do want the tenty bib) they have other options. (I feel I should plug Ikeas's 2/$4 bib with long sleeves and a pocket here as the best bib deal I have found. However, these are too big for little babies like Lucy.)

Important info to note from the website:
  • machine washable
  • odor resistant material
  • bpa, pthalate, pvc and vinyl free (pvc may contain lead! it is a common material for bibs)
  • waterproof (it truly is! Joe ate probably close to half of a watermelon wearing it-there was watermelon water everywhere, but not under the bib. I think there was an entire pond in the pocket of the bib.)
Also worth noting, very easy to smoosh into a diaper bag without taking up space. :) You can buy these at Bumkins website, or many other places on line, but it is worth noting that a local baby company, Babyworks has a great price on all three of the basic bib styles.

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