March 17, 2009

Sleep Guide

Sigh. It appears that I may not be cut out for the six posts/week blogging. But I will keep trying. My current problem is that Lucy is being cranky during what is usually my blog time, rather than sleeping, like she usually does. Lucy decided to ditch sleeping through the night when she had to share a room with 7 other people while we moved across country. Okay, I will admit, that is fair. However, the hours she has been keeping lately, are not. I think she slept through the night once since we have been here. And I felt like a completely different person. She was a better sleeper as a newborn. Which means I have let her learn some bad habits. Drat.

So while I am here deeply regretting sending my copy of Babywise into storage, here is a great little chart to help you find a sleeping book that might match your personality and views on parenting. I personally felt the word "controlling" might be a bit strong, but oh well. In the mean time, here are some practical tips if you are new to the sleeping baby, or not sleeping baby problem, regardless of which book you choose.

  • This is not a one size fits all solution. With my firstborn, I was a passionate, sold-out Babywise person. I have come to realize, it mostly depends on your personality and that of your baby. If you are content nursing your baby through the night for as long as your baby wants, that is your choice. Some mommies sleep better with baby right next to them. I am not one. But I no longer think moms are wrong for wanting that. Enjoy the stage. It will not last forever. Find what fits you and your family best.
  • Read each book with a grain of salt. While I was pregnant with Lucy I inhaled parenting books. I am not sure why, but I did. One thing I noticed, most authors think that theirs is the best way. They are often negative towards other perspectives, no matter how much they try to be polite about it. Take the negativity for what it is. They disagree because they believe in their method, not because the other method is "wrong."
  • I read and implement Babywise. However, this can mean different things to different women. On my third time through the book, I realized that he is not very specific on some things. He is very helpful, and mostly what I would call specific. However, it is relative to where you are coming from. I am a medium strict. Maybe getting less so all the time. That could explain a few things. I know moms that profess to use the babywise method and it looks completely different for all of us. Most books have guiding principles that can be implemented with flexibility.
  • I think this is the most important one. Chances are pretty good, if you are not sleeping through the night, you are praying that your baby will sleep through the night so that you can, too. :) I know I am. However, pray as you seek out wisdom from others, whether authors or other moms. Again, what worked for them, may or may not work for you. I have found God to be incredibly faithful in providing peace. He makes the path I need to choose clear in all areas of parenting, including when to start solids. No problem is too small for prayer.
  • This is similar to the previous one, but go with the peace. If you feel uncomfortable about it, find a different way. Um, as a side note, listening to your baby cry is uncomfortable. This is different from not feeling peace about allowing your baby to cry. If you felt that allowing your baby to cry was the right decision, but are now feeling uncomfortable and rethinking, talk to your husband and ask him to pray with you. I appreciate the less emotional perspective of my husband, just as I am sure that he appreciates my slightly more emotional perspective. :)
  • None of these problems will last forever, or make or break your child. While my life feels like it revolves around working out Lucy's sleeping and eating issues right now, the truth is, this is a short season and it will be resolved soon. Realistically, this is small in the scope of problems Lucy and I are likely to encounter. Take for instance that she laughs at me when I try to correct her. Yikes.

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