February 16, 2009

No Coffee Or Red Box In Atlanta! (Or At Least, by NW Standards) Part Two

We did finally make it to Atlanta. Got lost trying to find the house, of course. But we made it. The kids were so excited. And then, to their extreme excitement, we let them sleep in our new walk-in closet. After spending 5 nights with all seven of us sleeping in the same room, we thought everyone might appreciate their own space, more or less. They were sad to move out of the closet the next night, but are enjoying their new room.

The next night, we finally got around to returning the red box movie that we had picked up on the trip to keep the back seat happy for a few more miles. Tinkerbell. Promised as a reward for getting poop in the potty. Not one I have any desire to see, much less, own. We drove to the McDonalds down the road and did not see a Redbox. Ok, well, maybe we missed it. I went up to the counter to ask. The lady just looked at me. "Do you mean, like, a red box? To put food in?" No. Oh dear. This is not good. Thankfully, Gabe got on his iphone. There was something like five in the entire Atlanta area. What on earth? They are everywhere in Portland! How can you not have Redbox?

It got even more sad. Ok, granted, I was getting pretty spoiled at home in Vancouver. Gabe roasts his own coffee, and we are about 5 minutes to Peets, Tully's, Starbucks and several smaller coffee shops. LOTS of options. ONE starbucks is about 10 minutes away. There are a few small "coffee" shops nearby, but they were not open at 10 in the morning. What is the point? And one got very confused when Gabe tried to order me a latte. Not a good sign. And they don't have coffee places in the grocery store. Yes. I confess I was getting very very spoiled. But, needless to say, I am beginning to question how civilized Atlanta is.

:) Okay, I really am actually really enjoying it here so far, but we are definitely grateful we are just here for a short season.

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Michelle said...

While driving from your place to the Mount's I noticed the lack of coffee locations. I had the thought that it is good that Gabe has the roaster. Next, espresso machine!

I love reading your recounts of the trip. There are so many great memories!

Love ya!