February 17, 2009

A Few Minutes of Sanity or Getting Dinner Made : JitterBug Music

Today was a victory for me (I hope!!) After a week of tricking and forcing Lucy to eat solids, she finally started realizing that she could open her mouth and eat food! Why am I forcing my daughter to eat solids? Well, she is irritable, cranky, and wants to eat every one to two hours or so, day and night. However, she does not want to eat food. She would be content to just nurse all day, but well, I am not. So, in go the solids. She screws up her little face and tries very hard to not get any more in her mouth. The first day or two, we would get her to laugh and then we would sneak it in. Then she learned what was going on, and would clench her mouth closed and just give you a cute toothless granny grin, with her mouth clenched shut. Finally finally today, she started to open her mouth and actually eat the food!! Hooray! Maybe it was the clapping when she put food in her mouth. Probably it was the prayer, either way, I am excited to (hopefully) not be wrestling my 7 1/2 month old to get her to eat solids a few times a day.

The recent newsletter from Cool Mom Picks mentioned jitterbug tv, kind of like a muscial youtube for toddlers. All toddler music videos. It won't buy you a lot of time, but it is music for kids. And a few back to back can break the chaos for a few minutes of cooking dinner. Anyway, its kind of fun. Not to promote plugging kids into electronics (of course, they don't have to watch the video) but its a cute way to spend a few minutes.

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