November 4, 2008

Lucy's Early Brainwashing-I Mean Introduction to Good Things

What exactly is a good thing? Well, the kids have sung her Aunt Abbie songs since day one (sorry, Aunt Ruth. Keep hoping. Maybe the next baby will not so very much prefer Aunt Abbie.) And now,she sits watching Fox News dutifully watching the exit polls and election results. We found a book about elections and voting for kids and so we talked with Emily and Joe about it. I am not sure how much they understood. Emily wanted to vote for Cinderella. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. We'll hit it again in two years.

Our theme this week is transportation. I have to confess a lack of enthusiasm for this particular theme. But, I managed to find some fun books at the library, there are oodles of fun songs, and best of all-we made cars out of cardboard boxes. Boasting moment: We used coffee cup lids as headlights! What better than another way to justify coffee? I will post pictures of the cars tomorrow.

Can you tell how enthused I am about transportation? I don't really even want to write about it. No brilliant ideas here. But I do need to make one other boast-new achievement of mommy greatness: nursing while hiking!! Lucy's bottom was supported in the moby wrap (and other things discreetly hidden) while I held her shoulders and head with my arm. It was wonderful to be able to feed her and not make the entire crew wait, or just my wonderful husband while everyone else walked ahead.

Please don't think that my boasting means I have it all together (or when I share ideas.) I do not have it all together. In fact, the stuff you see on here are probably the only accomplishments I will have during the week. Although, I cling to the hope that things are happening in my children's hearts and minds that may not be visible to me as I persevere on the mommy front. (Every now and then something peeks through and I am encouraged.) My life is made up of triage parenting and scrambling for a moment to get something else accomplished (like cleaning the bathroom that never stays clean.) Who is screaming the loudest? Or rather, whose need is more urgent? I lean very heavily on God's grace. Ok, poopy diaper calls.

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