November 6, 2008

First Wednesday Review (On Thursday): Baby Bjorn Potty

Ok, I am still a little behind. We were blessed with a date night last night. What's a girl to do? :)

I have been doing book and movie reviews on Friday-always on the lookout for a great children's book to survive the adored repetition. I want to start doing product reviews on Wednesday. I don't know how many times I have wanted or needed to buy something and have been overwhelmed by the multitude of options. I want to buy the one that is perfect for me and my family-or at least really close. Before buying something, I spend hours and sometimes days and weeks online during naptime doing research. (Case in point: my stroller. My poor husband gets major kudos for his patient listening to more detail than he ever wanted to know about stroller options and prices!) I have discovered that there is a lot of junk out there. Thankfully, there are a lot of innovative parents as well. (It is my dream to be one of the latter, for now, I'll just enjoy their innovativeness.)

I thought I would put my own reviews out there with hopes of helping other moms make those decisions. So here goes reveiw #1: Baby Bjorn potties.
  • Pro #1: I have to confess, the biggest attraction here for me, is the "eew gross" factor of potties. Have you noticed how toddlers are incapable of keeping fluids where they belong? Shocking, right? Even if it all makes it into the potty, making it all into the toilet without any spilling or dripping its a miracle. What makes Baby Bjorn's better? There are no seams. No nooks and crannies to make cleaning difficult. One or two pieces, and all very easy to wipe and clean.
  • Pro #2: Both have the shield for little boys. (Random toilet tip: boys can stradle the toilet backwards-facing the tank, allowing them to feel older, more like how daddy does it, without the mess for mommy to clean up.)
  • Pro #3: Small and moderately easy to store.
  • Pro#4: Cute and simple colors without being cutesy. I'm sorry. I know kids love cutesy. I am now the mother of three. I am done with cutesy. They can have cutesy band-aids. If I have to look at it everyday and clean, I want a say in how it looks.
  • Pro#5: The smaller one is currently living in my car. Emily has a fear of automatic flushing toilets. Can you blame her? This way, she has a potty option that does only exclude automatic flushing, it also does not require me taking all three children into a germy public bathroom. Enough said.
  • Pro#6: It seems pretty comfortable. No complaints so far.
  • Pro #7: ITS EASY TO CLEAN! (I felt this was worth two.)

  • Con#1: The small one is pretty small.
  • Con#2: The small one scoots on floors. Yes. In front of company. Half or completely naked children enjoy scooting out of the bathroom to join the people eating dinner. Perhaps more a problem with the children than the potty, but something to be aware of.
  • Con#3: I imagine this is a problem with all potty chairs, but little boys need to double check and make sure parts are on the right side of the shield.
All in all, I have been very happy with our potty chairs. My only complaint is that they do not train the child. That would be my dream potty chair.

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Anonymous said...

Good post, useful and funny! Even though you'd already told me about the kids scooting out to visit dinner guest while going potty, I still laughed again...