November 3, 2008

Not a Usual Monday

I will do my Monday Preschool post on Tuesday this week. Tomorrow is the last of this round of birthdays. Hopefully things will slow down? (That may be an empty hope. . .)

I had a rough day today. Maybe postpartum depression? Or stress build-up? Maybe just a need for a good cry. Anyway, while the kids watched their movie upstairs, Lucy and I sat in the kitchen to read my Bible. (That's where Lucy's bouncy place is located right now.) I just started reading Isaiah yesterday. So today we read chapter 2. At the end of chapter to is what I think must be one of our pastor's favorite verses. At least, he is always pulling it out.

"Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?" Isaiah 2:22

It struck me as a multi-faceted fact. We are brief, our time here is passing. Ultimately, we are insignificant and small.* During my rough spot today, this was a great reminder of two very different facts, both, oddly, were helpful to me.

1. These times will not last. These troubles and frustrations are small and brief. They, too, shall pass. I will not forever be outnumbered by people who depend on me for everything. Money may always be tight, but the current fatigue will not last. Lucy's night time issues will be resolved. And so on.

2. These times will not last. The sweet moments I have today will not always be here. The way Lucy sings while latched on when she's done eating will disappear. The way Joe runs around with his chopsticks and pan will disappear. The way Emily turns her shoes into people and plays "house" with her shoes all the way home will disappear. And I will miss them.

So, basically, it was a reminder to me to enjoy the season I am in, for it will not always be this way. Both a good thing and a sad thing, all at the same time. OK, I must attend to my screaming baby. It could be a long night. I think I will just enjoy the snuggles once I get her calmed down.

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