November 19, 2008

Fuzzi Bunz

I love Fuzzi Bunz! I have read reviews, and I guess people either love them or hate them. Really though, how many diapers can you put on your child when you leave the house and think about almost as much as you think about a disposable diaper? I use these on Lucy at night time with a thirsties doubler and it works for almost 12 hours for those morning when one of us just does not want to wake up. Rumor has it that the elastic does not hold up as well as you would hope. However, I have had some for about two years and they still work fine. Granted, the elastic may be a little less elastic than it was two years ago, but it still works just fine (maybe especially since it does not have to keep in newborn poops?) The ones that Lucy has are the new generation Fuzzi Bunz, so I am curious to see if they hold up better.

  • These are the diapers I use when I leave the house. Sometimes with a doubler, depending on the child and the length of the trip. But they hold a lot and I have only had leak problems when I don't pay attention and let somebody inhale a lot of liquid and forget to change the diaper in time. My fault, not the diaper's.
  • About a 7 or 8 on a 1-10 scale, 10 being super trim.
  • Reliable. (Yes, its the same as the first one, but worth two pros.)
  • If you don't have baby on a flat surface, it can be a little difficult to get it on right. But it still works just fine.
  • They are a little spendy. ($17.95 -19.95, unless you get a package deal.) For me, it is worth it to have a few really good diapers. Actually, I ordered one on with my disposables for a trip and it ended up being a really good deal. I got a case of disposable and one Fuzzi Bunz with the code BABY10 for $10 off the order and free 2 day shipping.
A few things I have noticed about cloth diapers, and perhaps in particular reviews:
  • Pay attention to the reviewer. Cloth diapers will NOT last as long as disposable. Do not expect them to last that long. Depending on the child, once every 2-3 1/2 hours.
  • Different children have different shapes, or, well, peeing styles. If you have a child that pees very quickly all at once, you will have different diaper needs that a child who pees slowly. Lucy has chunk baby thighs, and when I first tried her cloth diapers it took me a few days to figure out how to use them on her body. I think at first she was a little too small. But I also had to tuck the diaper in and tug her thighs out a little, so the diaper was on her bottom, and not her bottom and half of her upper leg. :) I love chubby babies.
  • Most cloth diapers do work, it just takes a bit of tweaking to figure out how and for how long. It may or may not be the best fit for you and your diapering needs. A good way to figure out what you need before investing a big chunk of money is to order a sample kit like the one from and try out some different types. I've also found that I like different diapers for different things. I like fuzzi bunz for going out, but I do like my swaddlebees a lot at home. It is hard to beat a prefold in price, but daddies do not really prefer prefolds.

What is your favorite cloth diaper?

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Mandy said...

I love fuzzi bunz! I have used them on my youngest since she was 12 weeks old.
I think I am going to try to make some for the new baby.