November 18, 2008

I Love Innovative People

This is a little more of a traditional gift idea. And by traditional, I mean get gifts. Yeah, I know. . . . . .but if you're like me, you would rather bypass well intentioned gift givers and send them in the right direction. That way you are not left with the moral dilemma of wondering if its ok to just "lose" that favorite toy that they got for Christmas. (A.K.A. the Barbie Dilemma.) Besides, I would rather my kiddos have a few really good toys than a bunch of not so great toys. It makes sense to have stuff that will last through all of the kiddos.

The idea: Amazon wishlists. Amazon has a newer wishlist feature that is similar to a wedding or baby registry. Actually, I think it can be those things. Or, it can just be a Christmas or Birthday or a just because (hint hint Husband) list. So, my kids now have one. One big giant one where I put each child's name in the note for the item. I sent it to Great Grandparents who are internet capable. We shall see how it goes?

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