November 20, 2008

Kid to Kid Ideas

A friend and I were brainstorming kid to kid gift ideas the other day. Last year this friend very sweetly helped her daughter make cookiemen tree decorations and her daughter handed those out along with a cookie to eat to her friends. It was very sweet and thoughtful. Here is what we came up with two days ago:

  • Playdough kit (the powdered ingredients and directions, maybe a bottle of food dye, and a cookie cutter)
  • Cookie mix (and a cookie cutter if sugar and directions)
  • Finger paint mix, and directions.
  • This isn't something you make, but Ikea has these really cute animal dolls right now for about $1.50 each. They are adorable and dressed up like ladies and gentlemen. That would be something fun to let a child pick out.
  • Bubbles! We have started saving our bubble wands to use with this or with the bulk bubble bottle. :)
I think mixes are a good idea. Its not an "I am making you do all the work gift" but rather an "I am getting it started so you can make it together with your sweeties." My kids love to make stuff with me and half the time I am too overwhelmed trying to figure out what I am doing, much less how to best include them in the project. This way, it is already there, all you have to do is follow the directions and be willing to get a pan dirty. The kids were going to pull it out for a drum anyway, may as well use it for something quiet. ;)

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