November 14, 2008

Book Review: A, My Name is Alice

I love this book! My kids love this book! They thought it was quite hillarious. We had to rename the guy on the J page Josiah because one of the characters was named Emily. I really enjoy reading books that make my children crack up, but this one made me crack up, too. You know how when you read ABC books and you get to the "X" page and are positive they made it up, unless they used the good old standby, xylyphone? Well, Jane Bayer just goes all the way, and while he did not make up his "X" names, he makes everything else about this page up in a clever and funny for mommy way.

I am biased, because I really enjoy Steven Kellogg, but I thought this was another good one from him. He illustrated it and Jane Bayer wrote it. Jane Bayer included several words with the letter sound and used a repetitive rhythm that is as fun to read as it is pleasant to hear. And, of course, with Steven Kellogg illustrations, I would read it anyway. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by what I was expecting to be just another standard alphabet book.

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