November 15, 2008

Getting Rid Of Evil Plastics Without Going Broke

When I started looking into plastics, I had this moment of panic. Have you ever realized how many baby things are made of plastic? Pretty much all? And how many of them end up in mouths? Not to mention the ones that are supposed to be in mouths. Where do you draw the line? What do you do about it without going broke? I am far from having it all figured out, but I am making little steps here and there, and will eventually get there. Maybe? Here are a few starter thoughts.

  • Use canning jars instead of ziploc when possible (and definitely avoid ziploc with warm things-wait until they cool down.)
  • (Costco has an 18 piece pyrex storage for $29-$23 with the coupon. I don't know about the lids, but the food does not usually touch them.))
  • Check out lists like those on safemama or z recommends-you may be surprised at what things you already have that are ok.
  • Use it as an excuse to weed out an overstocked toy collection. ;)
  • Sell the old on craigslist and use the $ for new, if needed.
  • If you were buying bottled water, stop. A new stainless steel water bottle will pay for itself soon. Or, use a glass jar with a lid.
  • Reduce the most frequently used by the smallest family member first. We started with pregnant mommy's water bottle, then big brother and big sister's sippies, then daddy's. We are working on food storage, choosing better options when there is not a perfect one, or we have not been able to buy the best option. Aluminum foil over saram wrap, old yogurt cartons over ziploc when my few glass options are out, although trying to mostly use canning jars or correlle bowls with lids.
  • Never heat things in the microwave in plastic. (Or just skip the microwave all together.)
  • Buy things that more readily absorb the evils in glass containers (oils are a good example.) Buy made on the site peanut butter and transfer to a canning jar when you get home.

Lucy traded her bpa free pacifier in for her more convenient fists after a few months. :)

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