November 13, 2008

Christmas With Kids

I have been trying to figure out how to get me kids thinking about others this holiday season-what a great opportunity for it! And yet, they seem to have grasped very quickly the part about them getting presents. And with all of the different family members, they end up getting at least three different Christmas's. Plus, they are the only grandkids on all sides. This makes for a lot of selfish opportunities. Sigh.

Gini lent me her Advent calendar book and I am excited to look through it. It would be a good way to repeatedly direct them to the real meaning of Christmas. One way or the other, we will do some advent something this year. For now, here are a few gifts that kids can make pretty simply for other people:

  • Plants with pots painted by sweet kiddos. If you have a younger person who may end up combining all the paint colors leaving you with a brown pot, you might try sponge or potato stamps- a lot of fun for kids to use, and with a little guidance will leave you with a pretty final product, but still made with love. (Don't forget to put a plant in it.)
  • Stationary. Get some plain stationary and let them put fingerprints on it and you take a pen to make fingerprint animals, flowers, etc. Their fingerprints, your special touch. Or, do two thumb prints in the shape of a heart. Add a little ribbon to tie it all together. :)
  • Let them decorate the travel mug. I used paper that the kids had painted to put the pictures on for a few of our picture travel mugs.
  • Good old handmade ornaments are always enjoyed if only because they were made with love. Pine cones with glue and glitter. Snowflakes made from popsicle sticks. The list is pretty endless.

Happy creativity!

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