November 1, 2008

Book Review: Maisy's Rainbow Dream

Part of my preschool plan is being intentional about which books we are reading. Ok, most of my preschool plan involves being intentional about which books we are reading. Its an easy starting point for me. So, when we go to the library, I try to get a number book, a color book and an alphabet book. A little extra practice and exposure never hurt anyone, right? This week's color book was Maisy's Rainbow Dream by Lucy Cousins.

Maisy has a crazy dream about things that are different colors, conveniently the same order as the rainbow. (Watch for the items in her bedroom when she wakes up at the end of the book. :) The book itself is not anything amazing, but it does go through the colors. It is well paced and few words/page, making it an easy read for my two and three year olds. The pictures are bright and colorful-lots of opportunity for color practice. And, like all dreams, it is pretty crazy silly. Which was what I enjoyed. Emily and Joe were laughing pretty hard, and I enjoy seeing them laugh about stuff-especially when it is not that forced fakey laugh.

We enjoyed the other Maisy book we got from the library, but I have not read enough to make an accross the board recommendation. :)

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