November 1, 2008

Better Diapers

Apparently most of my friends already knew this little secret ;) but here it is anyway. Seventh Generation diapers can be bought for less on If you subscribe to the diapers (commit to getting them anywhere from once a month to once every six months) you save 15%, making them a just few cents more than buying huggies at Costco. (I will pay attention next time I am in Costco and get the exacts.) But I was excited to find a way to get the better for my baby diaper without spending a lot more than I would on other diapers. Plus, they don't have annoying patterns!! I was getting so tired of Mickey and Minnie, I bought Target diapers the other day (they were on clearance!) and was thrilled to see other things on them.

(I still use cloth, but my older two wet too much at night, and every now and then we are gone too much and I fall behind on laundry, or we take a road trip. . . )

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