October 29, 2008

The Ghost of Coffee Past (and nice dates on a budget)

I had every intention of posting again last night ad catching up, but the ghost of coffee past showed up for about an hour and a half last night-just as I was about to start getting some more work done before heading to bed. Note to mommy: do not have that second cup of coffee later in the day. It does not seem to do you much good, but affects the baby and keeps her up. . . . . . way too late.

We have been trying to find cheaper ways to get nice dates lately. A friend told me about a couple that was very very tight. They got all dressed up for their date night and took candles to McDonalds for their date night. I would take the food and go somewhere else, or even cook a meal to take somewhere else before doing that, I think, but still, kudos for the effort.

We have been really enjoying happy hour, lately. It does require getting out a little earlier and definitely not late. Gustav's, Claim Jumper, Beaches (Vancouver) and Mint (Portland) have amazing happy hours. We have also been enjoying happy hours at the pacific food's chains: Newport Grill, Stanfords, Portland City Grill, Newport bay, and Manzanas. The best part about these places: we bought the gift cards at Costco-for $80 we get two $50 gift cards-yes, $20 worth of free food, basically. :) Plus, if you use them at happy hour, it goes pretty far.

Although, that being said, who said a date had to involve spending money? ;)


lindsay edmonds said...

I didn't know Costco sold gift cards. That's a pretty good deal! Which restaurants were they for exactly? Thanks for sharing!

Mandy said...

Right now I think they have Starbucks and McCormick and Schmick's. They may have the Pacific Foods chain, we have gotten them there in the recent past (Newport, Portland City Grill, Manzanas, Henry's Tavern, Newport Bar and Grill, and Stanfords.)

emelina said...

Mississippi Station on N Mississippi Ave has a ridiculously great Happy Hour [TONS of food for like $4], as does Stanfords. Not quite in your neighborhood, but maybe something interesting. :)