March 6, 2009

Book Review: Everywhere Babies

My mother-in-law sweetly got this book for us when Emily was little and we were getting ready for Joe to arrive. It has babies, well, everywhere. Written by Susan Meyers, Everywhere Babies is an adorable book to read, or just look at. It goes through baby basics, "Every day, everywhere, babies are born-fat babies, thin babies, small babies, tall babies," and so on. Babies are born, kissed, carried, fed, like toys, are loved, etc. There are so many things to get out of this book. At first, Emily and I would read through it and talk about how we used to do that with her. Then, we talk about how the new baby will be born. Maybe we will have a small baby. Most likely we will have a bigger baby. At first our baby will eat mommy milk. Then our baby will have to learn to eat big kid foods. Don't ever give baby food unless Mommy says it is okay. Sometimes we like to look through and name the babies. We decide which one reminds on most of our friends.

I have to say, I also really enjoy reading this book. The illustrations are not only sweet, they are very realistic. Who cannot relate to the picture of the mother sound asleep in rocking chair, baby nursing in one arm, a book in the other hand. Or the dad in his boxers and undershirt on the couch blowing raspberries on the babies belly, probably while mom is asleep in bed. The pictures make me smile, laugh, want another baby, or just be content in the season I am in. Even if you are not in a season where you need to help someone get ready for a new baby, this book is a lot of fun to just read. Very well written and very well illustrated.

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