February 26, 2009

Product Review: Crayola Twistables Slick Stix

I think we have finally recovered from the flu. I might need to start spraying Gabe down with lysol at the door. He never gets sick. He has been sick twice in the last week. Maybe we just need to adjust to a different germ zone. Note to self: next time the stomach flu is looming, pick kid movies fro the library that I do not mind watching over and over. Bob the Builder got old pretty quickly. Oh well. Anyway, I found myself very busy trying to keep up on the laundry and keep everybody happy, and well, not throwing up. Hopefully, everyone is well on their way to better.

My mom sweetly sent us a package with goodies for the kids. Mostly stuff to make valentines to send to people, particularly great-grandparents. She knows me very well. One of the goodies was Crayola Twistable Slick Stix. I have to be honest. My first thought was, "Mom. Sweet thought, but what were you thinking?" At first glance, they look messy, a bit tricky for toddlers, and did I mention messy?

They ended up working really well. The kids loved them.

  • Easy to use, although probably for slightly older kids. 4 is probably perfect.
  • The colors and textures were very appealing.
  • Although the label does not say washable, I did not have trouble getting it off the table and floor.
  • Less messy than oil pastels, but similar texture, with vibrant color.
  • Perfect addition to an easel-great and colorful kind of like paint, but minus the mess and do not need caps put back on quickly like markers (a skill we are working on, but still lacking.
  • I think 3 might be a little young, Emily twisted too much and it fell off, causing emotional trauma. It was pretty easy to stick back on (although a little messy) but I had to push and twist it back in, it did not just twist back in.
  • They left out purple. I do not know what they were thinking.
  • "Product containes colorants that may stain."

As with all things, requires some supervision, but not all on crazy preparation and supervision that paint would, but a different and exciting enough experience for kiddos that they do not notice that is not quite as tricky as paint. Good call, Grandma.

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