February 27, 2009

Guest Reader

My children are pretty comfortable with all of the people that show up at the door. It is a rare person that comes to our house who brings out our childrens shy streaks. The first question that comes out of their mouth is "will you play house with us?" Often, they ask people to read them as well.

I could not think of a book to review, so I thought I would just pass along the encouragement to make sure that your children not only get to read with you, but they also get to hear someone else read. Whether its Grandma and Grandpa, the librarian at story time (some books stores also offer story time, although not usually as wonderful,) or an audio book. Listening is a learned skill, and like all skills it helps to practice in different settings. I know of parents that play the Bible on cd, or classical literature while their children are playing to get them some extra exposure. Personally, I like to get ones with picture books, set the kids up on the couch and get something done. My kids, however, prefer to snuggle with Grandma while reading. Either way, it would be difficult to read too much.

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