January 7, 2009

Product Review: Green Toys Tea Set

I am sitting here trying to think of what my kids got for Christmas that I could review. How could I have forgotten. The first thing my children ask a guest when they walk in the house is, "do you want to play house with me?" followed closely by "can we have a tea party?" And, oh yes, Joe is quite comfortable having his own tea party with water from the bathroom sink on the floor. But Emily prefers to go all the way with tea, cream, sugar and cookies. Thank you, Grandma, for setting the standard high (and trying to teach my sweeties manners while you were at it.)

Emily was given this Green Toys Tea Set for Christmas. It has all your basic tea set necessities: four tea cups, four spoons, four saucers, sugar bowl, and creamer.

  • Its plastic-but wait-its bpa and pthalate free, though.
  • It is pretty light, and if you are not careful, little hands can slip or tip. But I assume this would be the case with most?
  • No pretty patterns. :(
  • Well, they can actually put water or tea in it, but I guess that's the point, right?
  • Its plastic! It will not break! At least, not yet. My kids are pretty tough on things, but this is definitely going to last a lot longer than porcelain.
  • The colors are pretty, and not too girly-which is a plus since what Emily does, Joe does.
  • It is "green"-made of recycled plastics. See how green they are.
  • Okay, the kids love it.
All in all, I would have to say it is a great product. I am happy to not be exposing my kids to additional toxins, supporting a company that is paying attention to their impact on the environment, and my kids love it. Besides, unless I help them, at this point the worst that can happen is they spill water on the floor. It has been kept downstairs (wood, not carpet floors) for obvious reasons. (As an innocent bystander noted, there are barbarian tendencies.) So, yes, this is a hit and I would happily recommend it, as long as you are willing to accept the risks involved in tea parties as a general practice.

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