January 5, 2009

Amazing Avent: Avent Nipple in a Klean Kanteen

In between our second and third children, I began reading. Not that I was not reading before. But apparently, I was not reading all of the required mommy reading. Say, for example, the things that tell me every single thing to not let near my children. Having babysat for the 13 years before I became a parent, I thought I was in a pretty good place. When I was pregnant, I learned why breastfeeding is important. Okay, well, it makes sense why would not have necessarily known that one. Anyway, after hearing mutterings of evil plastic I looked into it. And I have blogged about this before. Overwhelming and potentially expensive, this is not my favorite topic. But if I am going to be concerned about soy, I should be concerned and aware of at least bpa.

Okay, so I will start with the smallest person. Lucy. Well, her pacifier is her most used. That is pretty easy to find a bpa free option. We did get her a really nice one, and some more basic ones for when we leave the house. I also got her a really cool bottle that I was so excited about. The Adiri Natural Nurser, well, honestly, looks like a breast. My son refused to take a bottle, so I thought this would be the perfect, devious solution should my next child feel a similar elite snobbery. Well, Lucy loved to cuddle it like she does mommy, but since I got the newborn one, she got frustrated with the flow. So, rather than invest in a new one, which I considered, I put my poor tired brain to work.

Avent makes their peices interchangeable. Which is kind of amazing. You can take a nipple from the bottle and put in the sippy. You can take either sippy spout stage and put it on the bottle. You can put the handle bars and lid on the bottle, and so on and so forth. But, their bottles have bpa. (Although, I am pretty sure the sippies do not.) So, if Klean Kanteen uses an avent sippy spout, maybe I could use an Avent nipple with a Klean Kanteen. In an endeavor to avoid as much plastic as possible, I gave it a try with Emily's Klean Kanteen. I pulled out a 3 nipple from our attempts to get Joe to take a bottle, and YES!! You can use an Avent nipple with a Kleen Kanteen sippy.

So what? You still have to have the Klean Kanteen sippy you say? Well, yes. But if you are worried about these things, you were probably going to end up there anyway, right? Or maybe you are like me, and you can just borrow big sisters for now. Its not like my baby is using a bottle all the time, or it would be a different issue. I would go ahead and invest in some glass bottles.


Unknown said...

Hi! was it the wide (breast shaped) avent nipple you were able to use with your klean kanteen? Thanks for your reply!

Liceth Ramirez said...

Oh my, I am so sorry, I think I may have submitted the same question to you several times (my first time leaving a comment on a blog, sorry about this

Mandy said...

No problem :) I just didn't publish all of your comments. It was just the regular nipple. Although, klean kanteen has changed their sippy lid so I'm not sure if they even make the ring I was able to use the nipple with anymore? There are a lot more decent glass bottle options, now. Hope you are able to find something that works well for your little one. :)