November 8, 2008

Getting Closer: Friday Review

This is more of a review of an author than one specific book, but here it goes. We found this book at the library this week: The Boy on the Bus written and illustrated by Penny Dale. It took me a few days to place why this book looked familiar. When I was a in high school, spending every spare moment babysitting, I found a book called Ten in the Bed at the library. I checked it out and dragged it around to all of my babysitting jobs. I was enthralled with this book. I wanted to read it forever and ever and ever. (Might be a useful quality in a book right now, eh?)

So now I have read a grand total of two book written and illustrated by Penny Dale, which does not qualify me to recommend all of her books. However, I really enjoyed both The Boy on the Bus and Ten in the Bed. And I think I will request Ten Out of Bed from the library. The illustrations are sweet and enjoyable. Actually, very adorable. The words are variations of the familiar nursery songs-a big plus for reading to toddlers! I am a big fan of books that have staying power with moms. It takes a lot to be willing to read a book over and over and over again.

On a completely unrelated note, Ralph has a song called Abbie's Alphabet Soup. I am not sure how I feel about Ralph, his music seems fine. His music video's disturb me, but not my children. Regardless of how I feel about him and his music, it is worth pointing out that this is an alphabet song that presents phonic sounds for the letters! (He looks less scary on his website. Maybe I just don't like his suit in the music videos.)

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