October 13, 2008

Preschool Has Begun!

As I stood in line at Safeway today, the bagger asked Emily if she was in school yet. She told him she was doing preschool with her mommy. I was so proud and happy-especially since she sounded proud and happy. :)

I'll try to get pictures of our calendar and post that tomorrow, but for today: memory verse tip. Obviously dependent on the child, but Emily has learned two Bible verses in the last two days. One at church, and one today. We have been repeating them during the day, but here's the best part-she really wants to! We say them and then she asks, "Can we do it again? Can we do it again?" Does it get much better? Here's the trick, we've been doing sign language with the verses (its really helping me, too!) This site has some basic, or less basic signs, but really, its ok to make up your own for personal memorization, too. Go for it, have fun!!

Starting tips:
  1. We're using the same sign for God and Lord.
  2. If I can't find the specific word, I look for one with a close meaning.
  3. If the sign looks too complicated for Emily and Joe, I simplify, or look for the sign for a similar word. (Shout instead of declare.)
Remember, we're saying the verse with the signs, so the point of the signs is just to help us remember the verse (kinesthetic and visual additions to an auditory and verbal skill.)

For our memory verses right now, we are doing the one from church, as well as one from our family devotion. I look ahead each week and pick one that is simple and relevant for our memory verse. We'll see how it goes, this book is a little mature for them. It takes a little over two years to go through it, and the readings are short. So, I think its really good for them to hear it, and we'll keep reading their Bible(or this one,) too. And, when we reach the end, we will restart, and it will sink deep into their hearts. :)

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