October 7, 2008

Baby Shower 101

As the mother of sweet little babies, for the last 3 1/2 years, I often get asked what is a really good baby shower gift. And I never know what to say. But then, I think about it, and here's what I come up with. I'm writing it down here, so next time I get asked, I have a quick reference! :)
My list of new mommy needs-or it sure would be nice to have!
  1. Boppy Nursing Pillow!!! This is not something you need for very long, depending on how quickly your baby grows, or three babies in, I am starting to get skilled with just a pillow. That being said, it is a lifesaver for those first few months of nursing. One less thing to figure out while you are trying to figure out a proper latch. Plus, its great for helping older siblings hold a baby, or to give a baby an extra boost to sit up (and extra padding should they tip over.)
  2. A good swaddling blanket can go a loooong way. :) I don't know about everyone else's babies, but mine only use those silly receiving blankets for a few days, and then they are reduced to burp and booger blankets. Flannel works nicely. However, the swaddle blankets that it seems like everyone has, are kind of pricey for a peice of flannel. You could just make your own from a large square peice of flannel. Or, if price does not scare you these are really wonderful. (Actually, you get two for close to the price of one flannel blanket-$30/2 or $44/4, making these a good deal.) Aden and Anais makes light blankets from muslin that get softer everytime you wash it. Its not quite as soft as flannel, but still very soft-and so much cooler! We took ours hiking, and wrapped it around Lucy in the carrier. It protected her from the sun and the wind, while helping her take a nap, since she wasn't being over stimulated. To be honest, she spends a lot of our time out, in a baby carrier under her Aden and Anais blanket.
  3. A good bottle may be worth having around. Evenflo has a nice, basic glass bottle. For fun check out silikids. Or, if you're worried about colic, Born Free has a complicated looking glass bottle. To check out the plastic options, try this chart. If you are not sure what BPA is or why you don't want it in your baby bottle, see here.

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