October 8, 2008

Baby Shower 101: Part Two

Okay, where were we?
  • Clothing, of course, is always wonderful. For a non-first born, consider seasonal clothing that may be different from the previous children, or chances are good that the previous children stained some clothes when they started moving or eating, or wore out some knees in pants. :) Or, for a mom on a tight budget, she may be able to stretch some money garage saling, or may enjoy an opportunity to pick some stuff out for the baby, herself. (My mother-in-law sweetly did this, and I really appreciated it.) Pajamas and socks seem to be more rare at showers than other clothing items. Or, of course, if your budget is tight, hit the clearance rack! 12-18 months and up, seem to hit at least two seasons. At least, so far, in my experience. Making those safe choices if you're not sure how quickly this little person will be growing.
  • A nursing cover either the original brand, one made by a WAHM from ebay or craigslist, or it would be easy to make one yourself, is a wonderful blessing for a nursing mother who would rather not sacrifice time with friends and family.
I think those are my top tips for someone looking for a babyshower gift. Baby carriers and wonderful, but would take up an entire post or more. Same with strollers. If I think of anything else, I will add it later.

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