February 2, 2008

Book Review: Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry is my new favorite book. Really, how many books could keep both my 19 month old and my almost 3 year old both still on my lap for 49 pages?? (We got hungry and finished the last 20 pages after lunch.) But still, keeping two toddlers still and interested for that long is quite the feat. The thing is, Richard Scarry spends some much time on his illustrations that almost anyone could find something interesting. Silly characters, goofy accidents, naughty drivers, diligent police officers, and more are on each page to entertain anyone-even mommy. Goldbug is hiding on each page after he is introduced. I think that is Emily's favorite part. She doesn't even really care about the story, we turn each page and she says she wants to find Goldbug on this page. Joe even found Goldbug twice.
The length of the book makes it not a good choice for a bedtime story. Between 69 pages of reading, albeit, just a little on each page, and finding Goldbug on each page, it takes a little time. Perfect for killing time before nap time, or trying not to watch tv, but not so perfect for a bedtime story. Unless you somehow manage to get your kids ready in time for bed time. ;) It seems like we are always running a little behind.
Another plus are the illustrations. Besides being detailed and "busy", they are very colorful. Do you see the purple car? Or, directions and prepositions. Goldbug is underneath the train. Goldbug is next to the banana car. We also count the passengers in cars or buses. There is so much going on in the illustration there are so many opportunities to make it "educational".
I got this book for my kiddos because I had fond memories of reading it with one of the kids I babysat. I now have very fond memories of reading it almost daily with my kiddos. The thing is, there is so much happening on each page, that I have not gotten bored, in fact, still enjoy reading it with my kiddos. Plus, they have it at the library!

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