November 7, 2007

Wheat Free Cereal

I dreamed about wheat free cereals last night. Does that say a lot about my life or what? At least it wasn't a scary dream-just a little boring. ;) Anyway, if you have a child with a wheat allergy, the first thing that goes are all those easy snack food to keep in the car-no pretzels, no cheerios, no crackers. Not that you really want to feed your child a lot of those anyway, but they really are soooo convenient! And so helpful for those car trips home, trying to keep little ones awake until they get home to their bed! Anyway, to save you some time reading labels at the store, here are a few I've found:
  • Puffins (regular and peanut butter)
  • Wild Oats O's
  • Bob's Red Mill has a lot of wheat and gluten free options.
  • Trader Joe's has many rice options.
  • Simply Organic has a boxed cake, scones, etc, line made with rice flour!
  • Check the gluten free section of the natural food store-so many wonderful and amazing substitutes-just watch out for soy, you don't want to make a habit of feeding it to sweeties.
I'll keep updating this as I find more, although I'm hoping by June to be out of this season of life. :)

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