October 17, 2007

Peanut Butter-The Wonder Food!

Peanut Butter is truly the wonder food! It does indeed get bubble gum out of hair with amazing ease. The only down sides are you have to wash the hair, and you have to wash the comb. Both are pretty doable, right? Gummy hair could be hidden if necessary until a bath is possible, and our comb just goes into the dishwasher. I wonder what happened to that comb? I think maybe a helpful person put it away somewhere. . . ???
Speaking of kitchen adventures, my daughter is in the process of trying to potty train herself, after our flop last spring. (This connects to the kitchen, I promise.) For the last few weeks, with inspirations of peer pressure (aunt and friend) and a cookie, or even gum for, well, you know, she has been taking off her diaper and hopping on the potty with increasing frequency. This is as far as it has gone, since I am not feeling ready yet to pursue this further. So, early on in this new adventure, she went to the bathroom, and of course, Joe needed something. I stopped focusing on her and went to to take care of Joe. She's pretty independent in the bathroom these days. I finish what I'm doing and turn around to find my daughter standing in the kitchen at the towel drawer. Yes, she was half naked, but if you've potty trained you've stopped being shocked by nudity in your home. If you have babies or toddlers you've stopped being shocked by nudity in your home. Right? So, she's standing there sorting through the towels. Thinking she wanted a rag to clean things like a big girl, I pull out a washcloth for her-and she uses it to wipe her bottom!!!! Arg! Obviously that one needs to be sanitized. What about the rest that she was sorting through? Do I need to wash just the one? Or all of them? Needless to say, there was laundry to be done. Yet another amazing moment in mothering. At what point are you past surprises?

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amy best said...

Good stories. :-) Hey, if we didn't have kids, we wouldn't have anything interesting to talk about!!