September 25, 2007

Wheat Allergy

Josiah cannot eat wheat. Hopefully, he'll be able to eat it when he's two. Until then, I've been getting creative in the kitchen so the rest of us can keep eating things like pizza and sandwiches! Trader Joe's is wonderful with reasonably priced brown rice bread, pasta, and tortillas (although, its possible to find tortillas with mostly corn and no wheat.) Here's some of my favorite shortcuts:
  • pizza: put sauce, toppings and cheese on top of a piece of brown rice bread-microwave or broil in oven. :) = very happy Josiah
  • macaroni and cheese: we make our own with brown rice pasta and we all enjoy it. Plus, you can sneak in cauliflower or broccoli and it tastes really yummy! it does assume that you can have dairy products. . .
  • quesadillas with brown rice tortillas
  • waffles made with kamut and oats (Sue Gregg's blender waffle recipe-yum!) (Oats have gluten in them, and the Doctor just told me to take him off gluten, so I might try rice or quinoa flour.)
I have to say, if he had to have an allergy I am glad it is wheat and not dairy. At least he can still have cheese sticks :)

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