September 24, 2007

mommy failure

I failed my mommy test last night. 2 a.m.-screaming. Wait, sweet sleep, come back. . . oh the screaming isn't stopping. OK, who's screaming? Is it Joe? Emily? Emily. Gabe's not moving. Huh. OK. I'll go do the mommy thing, a few hugs, cuddles and kisses, tuck her back in and get back to bed. Its 2, Joe should sleep right through it.
Yeah, right.

So much for my attempts to be the loving wife. Gabe arrived upstairs a few minutes later to rescue me from what was now two screaming children. I rocked Joe while Gabe worked with Emily. Sigh.

So I don't have to get up with the kids in the middle of the night anymore right? Since I failed so horribly?

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