April 9, 2007

movie review: Duma

Something I would like to start doing on my blog is review movies for families and books, both for children and for mommies. We have so little time, it is nice to have a place to start. Both the library and Blockbuster can be overwhelming. So many options with so few worth the time. . .
But, to begin, I would like to tell you about the movie we watched while we had the stomach flu, Duma. I did not watch it through my complete mommy filter, even though I watched it with Emily. I do not remember any swear words, but I was not watching for them. I will try to do that in the future. For now, it was a good, clean family movie. Honestly, I would have had a hard time with it when I was little, since the cheetah's mom is killed by lions (either not shown or not graphic, I do not remember) at the beginning of the movie and the boy's dad dies shortly afterwards. A few scenes could be a little scary or intense for younger children, their raft goes over a waterfall and lands them in the midst of crocodiles, and the tsetse fly scene is a little scary. Oh, and the man traveling with the boy is buried in a cave-in, but quickly rescued. However, I really enjoyed it and look forward to watching it as a family later. For now, Emily really liked watching the "Chee", the monkeys, and the lions. It also showed an interesting view into life in a country far away, that is very different from most of ours, and yet very similar as we all deal with loss and growing up. For more information about the movie go check out http://dumamovie.warnerbros.com/

P.S. So this wasn't my best review ever, and my composition teacher would be appalled. I'll strive to do better next time. This is a start.

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