April 24, 2007


My dear sweet husband recently made an executive decision that we needed to go to the beach for a night and two days. Personally, I thought it might be more helpful to stay at home and get some work done, but as always, my husband knew what I needed better than I did. (It happens way too often! He frequently knows when I need to eat before I do.) I had been struggling with the house, the kids, and all the miscellaneous responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom. I love being a stay-at-home mom, but a very long winter with sick kids and trying hard to juggle so many things just wears me down after a while. I did not realize how much. It was amazing to leave the house and just enjoy each other. I loved spending time with my babies and my husband, not feeling like I had go clean something, or organize something else. We just had fun with each other. Moral of the story: do not belittle the value of leaving your house for just a night with your loved ones. :)

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