March 29, 2007

things your potty training book may forget. . .

Well, I think we have made it through. Almost. Emily gets the point. We are still working on the number two. She had it down amazingly last week, but we ran into a complication. Hence the list.
  1. If you know someone with the stomach flu- DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THEM until they have been healthy for a week! Maybe more? Maybe less? All I know is we went to the family's four days after the last person had been sick, and two days later we were wishing we hadn't.
  2. (Maybe a little more practical) Have enough clean clothes for you to go through several. You may want them on hand nearby, depending on your tolerance level.
  3. Have rags and a favorite cleaner on hand (and/or maybe disinfectant wipes.)
  4. If you are going to train using underpants or training pants, have a lot on hand. I guess this goes without saying. I did not think it through and we had to have nap time for both of us to emotionally regroup and to wash all 12 training and underpants. (We ditched the pants all together after nap time.)
  5. Have a laundry basket or other bin on hand to throw dirty laundry into. Lots of germy, stinky stuff just sitting on the floor. . . yuck.
  6. If you think you may resort to reading to get your wiggly child to sit still long enough to experience going potty on the new big-kid potty, have books planned that you do not mind reading five times in ten minutes.
  7. If you are on your first or second child and still wash all baby clothes on delicate and the appropriate temperature, you might choose pants that can be washed in the same load, once you re-enter the pant wearing phase. Then you only have to do one load at the end of the day. :) (If you are not on your first or second child and still do these things, way to go!! I am impressed.) Hopefully, this is not even an issue for you.
If I think of anything else later, I'll add something. Right now though, I am excited to go to bed and sleep!

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