March 21, 2007

potty training-yikes!

So, we have started potty training-this is why I haven't posted. I was doing last minute cramming trying to finish the book before we started. Shortly into the training I wanted to throw the book out the window. Beware books written by men with doctorates and no children. (OK, one of the men had four children, but I'm convinced that IF his wife followed his advice it caused marital problems. Or maybe he potty trained them.) We are still working on it, but here are a few little things I've learned:
  1. Don't underestimate "treats": Emily seemed excited just to get to use toilet paper and flush the toilet. We did use treats, though. I had fruit snacks, granola bites, and chocolate covered almonds. My friend is using raisins (which will help poop happen!) You could use grapes, blueberries, dried fruit. . . think outside the "candy treat" box! I like the idea of raising so much better than fruit snacks.
  2. they make 100% fruit juice in a spill-proof water bottle with character heads on top. Emily loved them!! I took some juice out an added water. One is in the dishwasher to reuse. Not a very useful thing to learn, but lots of fun for Emily.
  3. If you have a baby eating solid food-make sure that things are out of reach when you run your toddler to the potty!! It helped Josiah if I had frozen peas or corn on his tray, so when I had to dash off, he wasn't left foodless. He loves his food!
  4. I made the mistake of doing this when Emily was borderline anti-clothes. . . I've created a monster! How do I get the clothes back on her?? We ran through all underpants and training pants by noon the first day (I did laundry during nap time.) A friend told me they learn more quickly naked anyway, so we ditched the pants.
That's all so far. I will try and write something more useful when we are on the other side. :)

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amybest said...

So glad you are going ahead of me, so you can tell me what to do... :-)