August 5, 2009

Product Review: Huggies Goodnight Diapers

When Emily was around 9 months, we tried everything with the resources we had-and she woke up wet every morning. Not just wet, but straight into the bath, stinky, soaked. I was sooo excited when I discovered that Huggies made diapers specifically for heavy nighttime wetters, I called Gabe at work in the middle of his day-just to share my exciting news. I somehow managed to contain my excitement and not call to tell everyone this happy news, much to their relief, I am sure. :)

Huggies is the only brand I am aware of that makes a diaper specifically for nighttime wetters. I wish other brands did, or I could find a cloth option, but I have so far been unsuccessful. And honestly, if this is something you need, there is not much to be said for being stubborn about it.

  1. Baby wakes up dry.
  2. Baby wakes up dry.
  3. Baby wakes up dry.
  4. See the trend? Its a wonderful thing to wake up to when you can't always choose when you wake up-at least you can control some of the circumstances. :)
  1. Occasionally Lucy poops first thing in the morning and that can leak some, but I'm pretty sure that is not a problem with the diaper-how many full, wet diapers hold poop well? This is not really a con against the diapers. . .

Bottom line: if this is something you need, it is VERY worth it. Hopefully you don't, but if you do, there it is. :) These are also available for subscription on Amazon to save 15% on a case.

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