May 28, 2009

Product Review: Bella Band

About an hour after the truck left our home in Vancouver, WA to take our things to storage, I realized that all of my maternity clothes had been packed in the truck as well. Okay, no big deal, I was only going to take a few anyway, just in case. As with all of the baby stuff, I was not going to take up precious space with things that I may or may not need. However, it turns out a few things would have come in handy. (I also found a few maternity shirts that snuck along anyway-phew!) I am currently finding that even though my clothes still fit, pants are definitely much more comfortable unbuttoned. If only they would stay up when they are unbuttoned. Enter the Bella Band. This has got to be one of the most amazing, multi-use tools for pregnant and new moms!! I got it when I was pregnant with Lucy and trying to keep it a secret until 14 weeks, and it has been in my closet ever since. Even after the baby comes, it is great for a simple prevention for showing off some postpartum belly while nursing. While pregnant it does everything from prolong the use of non-maternity clothing to help keep up maternity pants when baby is just too big. This is so versatile and useful that I found it worth the $26 (off brands run around $20.)

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