April 5, 2009

Recipes From Wonderful Kitchens

I have to confess, new and wonderful food are not very high on my priority list right now. In fact, my biggest goal is to feed my family healthy meals regularly without trashing the kitchen or getting frustrated with the children for being needy while I am trying to make dinner. I can only feed, hm, no I take that back. The kids would eat foods they love day after day, I think. Gabe and I would get grumpy though. Lucy, well, Lucy is in her own particular food world. Here are a few places to get wonderful and healthy meal ideas.

  • Passionate Homemaking: Lindsay has some amazing recipes on here. When I am looking for a new recipe to try, I end up here more often than not. We love the waffles, chicken curry, and the grilled veggie sandwiches are incredible!
  • Nourishing Gourmet: I recently rediscovered this one, and have only had a little time to look around, but I am very excited to try the recipes, and Kimi knows her stuff. Also a good place to link to other health minded mommies and their recipes.
  • Cooking Light: Um, some delicious recipes, but you have to be saavy. Although they are starting to change, they are still trendy healthy-meaning that they follow the latest health trends. So be aware and ready to substitute as necessary.

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