March 27, 2009

Book Review: DK's Peekaboo Series

These are the best baby books! Do they have the best writing? No. Do they have a brilliant toddler plot that will entertain Mommy and Daddy, too? No. Are they on my top 10 children books to make sure you read list? No. So why are they so great?
  • Peekaboo flaps that are large, most of the page, really
  • Bright colors
  • Touch and feel textures
  • Featuring pictures of other babies
  • Did I mention big peekaboo flaps?
Basically, this has everything a baby actually wants out of a book, other than chewability. Lucy absolutely loves these, it is a guaranteed laugh every time. I actually picked up two of these for Joe when he was a baby. He seemed less inclined to sit still in a rocking chair and just read than his big sister. He would, but he enjoyed it more if we threw in DK's Peekaboo books, or their Touch'n'Feel books. Something active for a wiggly little baby to do. Something tangible.

So, no, they are not classics, or even quality literature, but babies sure do enjoy them. And that is worth a lot.

Lucy is wondering why the computer is beeping while she tries to quietly read her book so Daddy can keep sleeping. :)

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Betsy said...

little LuLu is looking so much older! What a cutie.