December 3, 2008

Product Review: Ikea

Well, we are back in the swing of things. Maybe. Running behind as always. ;) We are taking it "easy" for a few days for mommy to work on training hearts and bottoms. Today has been rough, but good. I am hopeful. Joe discovered a new game: throw balls into the seat of Lucy's jumperoo when she is not in there, obviously. Emily discovered a new game as well: dangle baby sister upside down over the edge of the couch until Mommy finds me. At least it is a very short couch. Lucy was grinning. Silly girl.

Christmas music is playing on Pandora and I am trying to plan out my Christmas stuff. So, this is more of a Christmas suggestion than a product review, mostly. Ikea is quite amazing. A generous church in Washougal is letting us use their building for our Tuesday night meetings. I don't know if they had a lot of donations or somehow managed to have an incredible budget, but they have the coolest stuff in their children's rooms!!!!! A lot of it comes from Ikea. Lucy used the baby gym last night. It was just about perfect as baby gyms go. If she pulled hard enough, the swinging toys detatched for her to throw around or eat.
  • Simple, not over stimulating.
  • It did not take up a ton of room. Arches can be removed.
  • Easy to wipe off, or machine washable.
  • Bright, cute, soft material toys (no evil plastics ;) (I do not know about the materials or fillings used.)
  • It is relatively small, only 3 feet wide.
  • Um, lets see, well, if you don't like the shade of green, you are not going to like the toy.
  • It does sit on the floor, meaning if this is not a first born or only child baby, you have to stay in the room with baby all the time. (Lest your child decide to invent a game involving hanging sweet little babies upside down.)
Check out Ikea for cute little gift ideas for little one that won't break the bank or leaving you feeling paranoid about evil plastics. ;)

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