November 10, 2008

Fairy Tales

Let me share with you my oh so sneaky plan. This weeks theme is fairy tales. Next week is good manners and the following week-is Thanksgiving!! Do you see the ultimate plan? Knights and princesses+manners of knights and princesses (according to current rules, not middle ages code of conduct)=very polite toddlers at Great-Grandma's for Thanksgiving. :) (Knock on wood. . .) Anyhow, that's the plan. We shall see how it works out. Even if it is not everything I hope for, it has to be better than not, right?

Facts, Terms and Principles (as I see them-yes! I am the teacher, I can define terms any way I want! ha ha! Well, maybe not.)

  • A Prince or Princess is someone who loves other people and thinks of other people first.
  • A hero is someone who does a hard thing(s) to help another person or people.
  • Fairy Tales are pretend stories that are told to make people happy or sad and to teach how to do heroic things.
  • People use words, pictures and songs to tell stories.
  • Knights fight for honor (honor is "an adherence to what is right.")

My big goal for the week is to use princesses, princes, knights etc as a tool for proper behavior. And thus lead into good manners next week. OK, yes, I have some massive ulterior motives here. But it is good for them. And they will have fun. Last week's cars will be recycled into swords and shields if there is enough cardboard. The princess dresses will come out. I checked out a stack of fairy tale books from the library. Found a bunch of Tomie dePaola books, I am excited to read those. And we will keep on working on the usuals.

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JW said...

I LOVE it! I think it's a brilliant idea. Not only that, but I love telling fairy tales. Andrew Lang's collection is becoming my main resource. Somehow fairy tale/legend/myth/tall-tales/and folklore in general is becoming one of my favorite literary genre's. I blame George MacDonald for getting me hooked. :)