October 25, 2008

Quinoa for Breakfast!

I found this recipe a few weeks ago and had been dying to try it. Its from 101 Cookbooks, a website full of mostly nutritious and yummy recipes. (The rustic potato chowder is amazing!) It was really easy to prepare-set it up and leave it! Well, and the throw in a few things when its done cooking. Overall, pretty easy to fix and pretty easy to clean up from. And, it felt more filling than oatmeal, but being a Saturday, breakfast was a little later in the morning. The recipe for warm and nutty cinnamon quinoa can be read here, that way you can read Heidi Swanson's comments. My comments:
  • I am excited to try it with coconut milk?
  • Don't forget to soak the quinoa with whey or vinegar. :)
  • I used maple syrup since I didn't have agave, although, upon further reading, I do have honey.
  • It took me a few minutes to get used to quinoa for breakfast, but ultimately, I think I'm a fan. A high protein grain-a warm and yummy way to start the day.

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