October 20, 2008

Facts, Terms, and Principles

Back in preschool teaching days, we had these sheets that we sent home with a letter every week with a list on it. We called the list "Facts, Terms and Principles", which is a fancy way of saying goals. It was a list of basic things that we wanted the children to learn that week. Things to point out while reading or doing activities. Things for parents to mention at home, or while driving in the car. . . I think we had 12-15 on the list. I am not nearly that ambitious right now. I am going for five. This week's theme is Autumn. Here's my list:

1. Autumn and fall are the same season.
2. Autumn comes after summer and before winter.
3. The leaves change color and fall off the tree in autumn.
4. God made the trees so they do this.
5. In the spring, the trees get new leaves.

Our big activity this week: Family hike!!!! I am really excited about this. We are going to make a scavenger hunt out of it. We will make a list with things like an orange leaf, a yellow leaf, an acorn, a puddle, and so on. Then we will have lots of fun looking for these things. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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