May 21, 2007

Cloth Diapers!

Cloth diapers can be incredibly overwhelming to figure out, especially when starting from scratch and researching on the internet. I personally love them, and am really happy to be using them! I feel like a better mother using them, not that I think less of people who use disposable. Personally, I was afraid to even look into cloth diapers. But when I did, the argument was overwhelming. Why spend the money on diapers when I could spend it on something else? Something a lot more fun than poopy bottoms? If you are interested, here are a few good starting points:
A good, incredibly thorough site with everything from directions to mommy reviews. Best to stay focused and look for the information you need. :) I can get lost forever here.
Good directions along with detergent and diaper cream reviews. My favorite for the basics!
Has a useful list of basic do's and don'ts for cloth diapers.

While you're at it, consider washable wipes and save yourself an additional approximate $200 dollars, per baby. Wow. Honestly, I never envisioned myself here three years ago, but now that I am here, I could not imagine doing things the other way. Weird.

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David Michael Garvey said...

Ha, I hadn't even read this, but I was just talking to Michael about switching to cloth diapers. I'm still needing to convince myself, but the cost factor with 2 in disposables is ridiculous...