March 6, 2007


Hello! So I have decided to enter the blogging world, hoping that maybe something I have to say will be useful to another parent, or anyone working with children! Who am I that I feel maybe I have something useful to offer? Well, officially I went to college to get my teaching certificate and graduated in 2004 with a masters in elementary education with minors in early childhood, history and english from Hillsdale College, MI. When I graduated I was so excited to begin teaching.
But more importantly, I also got married the week after graduation to the most wonderful man! (I am so verrrry happy to be his wife! Please pardon my sappiness, I get sappy about my beloved family.) So
here I am, almost three years later, a stay at home mom with my very own 24-7 preschool. Not exactly what I had in mind when I graduated, but I must confess I am so very glad that God's plans are different than mine. His plans are clearly superior.
Right now I have a 23 month daughter, Emily Jane who is as sweet as can be, while trying to assert her independence, and an 8 month son, Josiah who is easy going and aggressive, all at the same time, right now he is trying so hard to figure out how to crawl. They are my inspiration in so many different ways. They are rounding out my education as I learn more about things like cloth diapers, natural healing, never ending baby equipment, how to make your own baby food without living your entire life in the kitchen, and a never ending list of useful and unuseful things that begins again each day.
Ultimately, I do not have anything useful to say, but for the grace of God working in my life. He is my anchor that keeps me going when I am tired of changing diapers, or frustrated with whining, or really want to just do something all by myself. Even then, I may not have anything useful to share, but hopefully just knowing another mom is out there trying is enough.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. :)

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